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About me

Experience as a Senior programmer
I apply practical knowledges learned in 18 years of know-how in the field and I can manage projects at various levels:
  • Data Modeling
  • Application Implementation
  • User Experience and User Interface
First of all the method
Combining my Backend and Frontend knowledges I love to realize the best suitable solution by making the most of several programming languages, libraries and frameworks.

I guarantee a honest collaboration: I am 1 and don't like to improvise unsustainable services especially if you don't need them. I release source code and concrete progress of the project because I believe in relationships based on trust and transparency.

My technical choices are driven by security good practices, the code I write reflects the attention to the standards and programming conventions and adapting it to your methodology lets it easy to be maintained.

You can see a complete sample of how I work
👉🏻 take a look at this Case Study
What you expect if you call me
You can count on my ability to manage a project from start to finish with consolidated working methods. I can held business calls in english or italian and through chats or messages in french and german too.
With me you get:

An Enthusiastic coder - I put all my positive attention and personal involvement on this job!

A Forward-looking person - my experience taught me that working with the reasonable provident measures sets people free to keep their focus on the creative aspects of the project

Have you already watched my intro video?

On my YouTube channel you can find my short introductory video, click here to watch it.