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Privacy and cookie policy

All information related to the collection and management of data by Benedetti Code

Who treats the data

Holder of the treatment
Benedetti Valentina, Via Sabotino 18, 21049 Tradate (VA), Italy

How data is collected

Only essential and necessary information is collected: data voluntarily provided by the user through direct contact for general requests or requests related to activities regulated by contractual relations. Navigation preferences are stored in functional cookies.

Where the data is stored

The data related to the direct user's requests are stored by the e-mail or messaging system chosen by the user. Functional cookies are stored by the user's browser.

How data is used

The data is used to reply to the users' requests sent directly by email, through one of the messaging and social channels, or by filling in and sending requests through the quotation request form. Functional cookies are used to store users' preferences and offer a better browsing experience, for example to store the chosen language.
For any information and to request changes or cancellation of your data write to