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Custom development of web sites and applications

ruby on rails expert

Front End Development

based on the custom layout of a web site or application, with keen attention to the User Experience and to the design detail
Example: adapting the FrontEnd of a site according to the specific needs of various country areas
ruby on rails expert

External Data source connection

Linking the site to external sources: databases, services, sites, BI software ...
Example: API integration between the site and an ERP or a CRM
ruby on rails expert

Targeted interventions

Both for minor activities and for the complete management of a custom application, with mixed language programming, with or without framework
Availability: directly contact me, I will be happy to meet you! And if you already need a developer, remember that a first call will always be free for each new project, take advantage of it!

ruby on rails expert
php laravel senior programmer
nodejs skilled engineer

When do you need it?

In creating a site to extend with new features or a sophisticated user interface, it is not at all uncommon to have to write code to make ​​just those specific things that customers and colleagues ask​.
In these cases the design of a development could be very complex and the collaboration with an external programmer allows a faster realization

For example:

When you need someone more autonomous who makes your job easier by carrying out the projects you decide to entrust me with. Finally without having to do everything.

Someone who knows how to make a custom FrontEnd, connect it to the BackEnd, maintain and scale the application logic.

When you need an open minded and flexible resource, who is both a web designer and a programmer.

When you have a long project backlog to prioritize.

When you need to add to your team a person who can extend both the BackEnd and the FrontEnd following the UI and UX mockups made with the designer.

With me you have a programmer with transversal knowledge and together we can work on websites with various technologies:
  • Ruby On Rails
  • PHP such as in Laravel, WordPress, Drupal or pure code
  • JavaScript on client code or server-side in Node.js
  • all the aspect of UI user interface and UX user experience in HTML and CSS
  • exports to Excel, Pdf, XML
  • reporting and Data Warehouse

What's included?

Practically, I can take care of the development process from start to finish, or you can decide to entrust me with some features.

Consider the following as always included:
  • the calls
  • the project analysis
  • the personalized quotation
  • the testing phase
  • the source code
  • support for publishing

I often provide my services at fixed price with 1 revision included, while a new quotation will be required for further revisions. I'm used to working under upfront deposit because it allows me to balance the workloads and I can guarantee my attention dedicated to your project.

What do you say, did I make you want to work with me? 😉

So let's start

Fill out this form: I will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a meeting, give you the information you need and a quote.

For more urgent requests write to me at
or contact me directly at +39 328 6766765

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